The Heads Up For Tails Foundation

Heads Up For Tails started with that most simple feeling of love. Looking at the urgent need to spread, our love was joined by passion and hope. Passion to rejuvenate bonds we share with other animal communities, especially in the urban space. Hope to remind people from all backgrounds to rediscover the reason for our coexistence.

We’re thrilled to gather the knowledge, the experts who pass on that knowledge, all the love and resources, and pour them, along with our hearts, into the Heads Up For Tails Foundation. 

Today, Heads Up For Tails is 11 years old and we’re ready to go back to where it all started, to go back to that most simple feeling of love.

What will we do?

We will make a difference in the lives of generations of urban animals by changing the human mindset. We will educate, take the hands of children and adults and remind them of a world where compassion is second nature, where love is enough, where each life matters.