Building The Foundation For A Kinder World.

The Heads Up For Tails Foundation was started in 2019 to make a difference in the lives of generations of urban animals by changing the human mindset. We strive to foster peaceful coexistence by promoting awareness on animal care and supporting welfare initiatives.


Feed A Dog In Need & Feeding Drives

No dog should sleep hungry. And offering food to a streetie is the first step to gaining their trust. Our Feed A Dog In Need pouches contain enough food for one meal. The intention is that one meal can turn into more, then perhaps first aid, vaccination, neutering and so on. As a long term outcome, we hope that it helps create a connection between the people and the dogs in that neighborhood.

Through our Feed A Dog In Need food packets and our feeding support to shelters we have distributed over 1.5 million meals to dogs.

Reflective Collar Drives

Collaring community dogs with reflective collars not only lets others in the neighborhood know that these dogs are cared for but also gives them added protection at night. The reflective strip on each collar alerts drivers, even in low-light conditions, to the presence of the dog, and prevents accidents.

The HUFT Foundation has led multiple collar drives with the help of NGO partners. As a result, 12,000+ streeties have been successfully collared across the country.


Winter care drives

Cold winter months are tough for our streetie friends. We make and distribute warm, comfortable, easy to wear jackets and beds every year to protect them from the chill.

15,000 jackets and 1800 beds have been provided to streeties to keep them warm in winter.

Adoption drives

We collaborate with animal shelters to conduct adoption camps for both cats and dogs. And use our social media platforms to share their stories.

Through our adoption efforts, we have led around 100+ dogs and cats to their forever homes. In addition to this,  99 dogs and 48 cats across the country have been adopted by our stores.


Educational programs with children

Children are often at the receiving end of biting cases, considering they are unaware of how to act and react around animals (mostly, dogs). The root of most conflict lies in miscommunication. We strive to minimize this by teaching children and adults alike on how to interact safely with community and pet animals.

Vaccinations and Sterilisation programs

Prevention is better than cure. Routine vaccinations and humane population control measures can prevent unnecessary deaths of our community animals. We support experienced welfare organizations to expand their efforts in this area.

Practical Community Animal Care

Sometimes, animals are happiest in the safe, friendly neighborhoods they grew up in. In such cases, we focus on supporting the community in keeping streeties in the best of health. Simple solutions like taking care of small wounds before they turn into maggot infestations or ensuring vaccinations to prevent serious illnesses, can go a long way.