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About Us

Everyday for the last 4 years, Heads Up For Tail’s Foundation has been making continuous efforts, in collaboration with NGOs and individual caregivers, to bridge the gap between urban animals and humans for peaceful coexistence. Through our initiatives, we hope to build the foundation for a kinder world for them.

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Our Initiatives

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Become a member of

Become a part of the HUFT Tribe, a community of dedicated animal enthusiasts! As a cherished member of the HUFT Tribe, you not only become part of a community that values compassion and advocacy for animals but also gain the opportunity to contribute to the greater good. Together, let's make a positive impact and create a world where animals thrive and receive the love and care they deserve.

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Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to care for its animals. Hence, we created a Foundation Directory with NGOs, ambulances and more, so you can get the help you need where you need it.

Founder’s note

We started the HUFT Foundation to promote peaceful co-existence between man and urban animals. And, we believe the best way to do that is by understanding these animals better and by caring for their needs.

Through continuous efforts in the form of our Feed A Dog In Need Initiative, reflective collar drives, adoption drives, water bowl initiative, and more, we hope to make this world a better place for our wonderful streeties.


Happiness is a wet nose and a wagging tail!


tales unfold!