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Feed A Dog In Need

Full bellies, fuller hearts. A kind world starts with a place where no dog sleeps hungry. So far our “Feed a Dog in Need” drive has fed nearly 2 million streeties.

Serve them goodness

Tip: While feeding streeties, set out another bowl for water to complete their meal.

Water Bowl Initiative

Most streeties do not have a consistent source of clean drinking water. We distributed 3,600 cemented water bowls across Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Chennai in collaboration with our partner NGOs. So if you spot an orange bowl in your city, please take 2 minutes to fill it.

Keep them hydrated

Tip: You can label the bowls you set out as “water bowls” so it’s not used to dump trash.

HUFT Collar Drive

We often dismiss them as “roadkills” but our community animals fall victims to many road accidents yearly. To ensure their safety at night and help alert drivers, we successfully put reflective collars on 20,000+ streeties.

Look out for them

Tip: Ensure the streetie’s safety further by putting a tag on their reflective collar with your number on it.

Winter Drive

Winter is harsher on those who call the streets their home. We donated 2,500+ beds and 18,500+ jackets to help our community animals stay warm and sleep safe

Give them warmth

Tip: Repurpose old suitcases or clothes to be used as beds and jackets respectively, for streeties during harsh Indian winter.

Educational Programmes

Sharing isn’t just a value, it’s a responsibility. Our partnerships with various institutions (schools, corporations, residential societies, etc.) aim to empower individuals to contribute responsibly to the welfare of the animals they share communities with.

Learn more

Tip: Pass on any correct information you have. There is a right or wrong way to approach streeties as well. Knowledge is power.

Shelter Support

In this community, we support each other. We have made monetary and in-kind donations to provide support to our partner NGOs: Wagging Tails Foundation, CARE, YODA, Friendicoes, People For Animals Trust, Earthlings Trust, etc.

Support them

Tip: Whether you volunteer or donate, your contribution can go a long way in helping streeties.

HUFT Dogathon

Every year, thousands of pets and pet parents walk the extra mile for our streeties. So far, Dogathon has raised over ₹1.35 million for the welfare of community dogs and cats across India.

Walk the extra mile

Tip: Follow us on social media to keep up with our upcoming events and initiatives.

HUFT Store Adoptions

Across the nation, more than 150 cats and dogs call our stores and warehouses their home, and have found a family amongst welcoming HUFTians.

Come say hi

Tip: Adopt, don’t shop. Second chances can make someone’s entire life.