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Feed A Dog In Need

Provided over 1.5 million meals to ensure no streetie goes to sleep hungry. The “Feed A Dog In Need” drive, in collaboration with our partner NGOs, fed streeties across the country.

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Water Bowl Initiative

Distributed 1,000 cemented water bowls in Delhi/NCR through HUFT Foundation, 2,000 in Mumbai in collaboration with an NPO Water For Voiceless, and 250 in Chennai in collaboration with DAC Developers.

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HUFT Collar Drive

Successfully collared 17,000+ streeties across the country in an effort to ensure their protection at night. The reflective collars alert drivers of dogs’ presence, preventing road accidents.

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Beds and Jackets Initiative

Donated and sold over 1,800 beds and 15,000 jackets for streeties during harsh Indian winter that takes the heaviest toll on our community animals.

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School Programmes

Aiming to collaborate with schools across six major cities, to educate students from 5th to 11th grade on interacting safely with community animals through sessions and on-ground activities, starting August 2023.

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Shelter Support

Made monetary and in-kind donations such as food packets, beds, medicines, clothes, toys, bowls, etc., to provide shelter support through our partner NGOs: Wagging Tails Foundation, Friendicoes, People For Animals Trust, Earthlings Trust, etc.

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